Reaching Success with Mindfulness

On a recent episode of the AHA Business Podcast, Allan discusses with Kristi Sachs, CEO of Workflow Mindfulness, the importance of mindfulness and the positive effect the practice has on business success. This year has been very overwhelming for everyone, especially in the work force, so she has been coaching HR workers and other professionals on how they can use breathing and other thought techniques to keep a level head through all of the stress and uncertainty.

Sachs use to work in sales and lived with the day to day anxiety that many in the business world face. She now wakes up every day to help those individuals overcome their stress, fears, and negative thoughts so they can be more productive and live a healthy lifestyle. The first step in achieving mindfulness is realizing that only this moment is real. “This is the moment where we can create, this is the moment where we can decide how we are going to react to something, and this is the moment where we can truly live our lives,” says Sachs. Living in the present moment helps you to control your thoughts, and let go of the past and future.

In the interview, Sachs also explains how important it is to perfect your breathing. Taking a deep breath is a great way to calm yourself, clear your head, and be in the present moment. It is also important to put a space and time aside for yourself to meditate, breathe and unwind, especially for those parents that are working from home and have children to now entertain all day long. Making time for yourself is essential for reflecting and getting a fresh start every day.

Business managers and leaders need to be aware of the difficult toll this year is taking on their employees. “This is the time where you need to take a step back and say what is more important right now? My profit or my company’s mental wellness?” This starts with leader’s freeing themselves of any stress and anxiety first so they can better serve their team. There needs to be a connection of understanding, that opens up the conversation between managers and employees. Kristi Sachs discusses many other useful techniques to help you understand and achieve mindfulness in our podcast with her, “Bringing Mindfulness to the Workplace”. For additional help from Sachs, you can visit , where she is giving away a free 20 minute session for a one-on-one coaching conversation with her. Be sure to tune in to the podcast!

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