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Five steps to Becoming a Great Leader by Allan Hirsh

What makes great leaders? Are great leaders born with leadership capabilities or is leadership learned? Great leaders are learners. They are always learning, studying to be better at what they do. So, yes people can learn to be great leaders.

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“Cash may be king, but don’t let it rule your business” by Allan Hirsh

“Cash is king.” Think about all the times you’ve heard this phrase. What does it mean to you? Why does “cash” deserve such royal standing? Cash is the lifeblood of every company. Nothing causes more business failures than a lack

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Why you, not your designer should own your website


“You buy a new pair of shoes, computer or car. It’s your property. There’s no debate. But, let’s say you hire someone to create, design and write the content for your website. Is the website yours? The answer “yes” seems

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